Growing with Technology


ImageFrom enrolling into IT 465 I have learned so much this semester.I have learned that there are several online tools that can be very beneficial for a teacher. The test maker, answer sheet, bookmark and the web page are some I will be incorporating into my lessons. My learning experience for this online class is one I will remember always. I have learned so many new technology skills that I will use for my future. I will not only use them as a special education teacher but also in my personal life. I would have to say my weak points are writing. Writing is not my favorite subject. I do enjoy using the computer and therefore writing about things I like makes it not so bad. For my strong points I would say that I like learning about technology. I would enjoy all the new software I was introduce to and enjoyed learning how to use them.
I like learning about all the great features that Google had to offer like the group project. The group project was a great way for me to interact with my group members. The Google group feature was efficient and easy to use. Once I learned how. Google email was good way for the instructor to keep in contact. Dr. Wang was really great about reminders and showing that she was willing to make time to help. Even thought I never saw Dr. Wang in person through technology she is really great to work with and I sure she even better to work with in person.

Reflect on the communication tools used in this class. From your experience, explain the advantages and disadvantages of the communication tool you used most. Provide examples if necessary.
The communication tools used in this class was through email and blackboard. The advantage of email is that the message can be read at your convenience. Also the message is on your email so that if you need to look at it again it is there. That is the same with blackboard is there when your ready and is saved for future use. The disadvantage for me is that it on an internet connection. I have satellite internet which is not always reliable.

My experience with the blogfolio is a little scary for me because I am not a writer. I know that writing is my weakest skill. Therefore writing was my least favorite part. My favorite part was learning the new skills I can take with me and use in my future. I really enjoyed learning how great Google is and how to link my pages. I really enjoyed learning new software like the Inspiration 9 and the bookmark. My favorite Google feature was the site maker. I really enjoyed making a web page. I wish my sons teachers would post their lessons. I can only email them and they do not email back. When my son forget what he has for homework we have no way to find out. So a web page for his class would be great. You do not have to worry about loosing the paper with the lessons. I believe that knowledge is power and to have access to the class lessons can only benefit everyone. I will use the site maker for my class so everyone can access the class information at anytime.

Through everything I have learned it is all valuable information that I can use in the future. IT465 is a class that will be with my for the rest of my life. As I use all the skills I have learned from the five standards I will remember this class.

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Filling in the gap with Assistive Technology

Image         Assistive technology has to be my favorite thing ever. Assistive technology can be something as simple as rubber pencil grip to more complex designs like the robotic arms. Having something to help people overcome their disability is a wonderful thing. This assignment on assistive technology was very useful information on assistive technology. I was not aware that my computer had so many accommodations for assistance. This assignment not only showed me the great features that are available like the magnifier but how to use the short cuts.

     As I teacher I feel very strongly to have the knowledge of assistive technology so I can share with my students. It amazes me how something like assistive technology can help a student or person with their disability. One of my favorite assistive technology is eye glasses. Most people do not think of having an eye impairment is a disability. That’s because of the assistive technology of glasses that corrects their vision and fills in the gap as if they did not have any disability. As technology advances and more and more of assistive technology is invented, I can only imagine how much good will be done.

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Turning It In

ImageTurnitin is a easy way for teachers to detect plagiarism. With a wide range of information out there on the internet it the odd of plagiarism is possible. Turnitin is a software that will find similarity of with other information on the web. When turnitin searches the internet for similarity it also show what percentage is similar. The software highlight the parts of the paper to what website it found the similarity from. Teachers now just need to submit students papers into the soft ware to find any plagiarism in it. This means that even if only parts are plagiarize it will show it and tell what web site it came from. 

I  believe that plagiarism is a bad thing. When students do not take the time to write it out in their own words then they really did not learn anything. The best way for me to learn is to say it or write it in my own words. This is how I know I understand the material. When using this software I was happy it was so fast to use. I thought it would take several minutes to search the whole internet but it only took and few minutes. This is a great soft ware for teachers to use to detect plagiarism. When students know that there is now way to get away with plagiarism they do their own work and in turn will learn more. This will be beneficial for everyone.

Violet’s Turninit assignment


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My Web Site

The Google web site maker was a lot easier to use than I expected. I always thought that computer programming and website making was for really really smart people. After using the Google site maker it showed me that technology has grown to be very user friendly. The hardest part the the site was to change the page layout. I sent a lot of time searching how to remove a page.   Now that I know how to find the tools on the site, its not hard at all. The site for my class is something I will defiantly use in the future for my class.The second hardest was the cool text. I really was not sure how to download and re upload it. I want all my  information for students to be easy access anImaged available at all times. The site was fun to make and I do plan to make more. I believe this will help students and parents to keep a current update of the class. This will help with students for getting to bring home weekly list or even loosing it. I believe that having a class web page will be beneficial for students, parents and the teachers.  I have now really become a fan of Google.

Mrs. Manning’s Classroom

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Integrating the Internet into the curriculum

There are many ways teImageacher’s can integrate the internet into the curriculum. One way is to web-based lessons and projects. Types of web-based learning is interpersonal exchange where students use technology to communicate. Information collection and analysis which is collection information off the internet. Problem solving is another one that is use to help solve their problem solving projects. Other ways to incorporate the internet into curriculum is the electronic field trips, which I think is a really cool way to learn about different cultures and to see different geographical climates. The use of the internet for curriculum is almost endless. Students now can more information and find it quicker on the internet than in a book. Teachers can use the internet to show students how to research and find accurate information. Students can use the internet to help with group projects. When a student is out sick he can still give is part in the group work with Google docs. Teachers can post their class assignments on line so that students who are out will not fall behind. Having the internet connected to your curriculum is a good way to keep everyone connected. Having the internet integrated into the curriculum will give students skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

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Copyright and Plagiarism

computer kid pic                            Teachers today need to be very aware of all the pitfalls that comes with today’s technology. The first pitfall is students may access inappropriate material on the internet. However, teaching students to learn how to use and access tools on the internet is very beneficial for their future. The second pitfall for students getting on the internet is the privacy of the students. Its is important to teach our children that whatever you put on the internet is there forever and anyone can see it. The school should take strong measures to keep the student safe and away from predators online. The third pitfall is fraud on the internet. There are so many unsafe websites and fraud that everyone should not use a site that is unknown. I believe that people should never put their personal information on the internet, like their debit cards, birthdays or social security numbers. Identity stealer just need on piece of information to find out more about you. A fourth pitfall is that your computer can caught a viruses. Viruses can cause your computer to shut down and cost money to be repaired. A firth pitfall is copyright and plagiarism. We want our students to use the internet for research and other helpful tool to advance their education. We do not want them to use the internet to be cheater and copy others peoples work. Therefore the copyright is what can helps keep work and other items protected from be stolen or used without permission.

Even though their our pitfalls on the internet it still has many beneficial uses. The internet is moving information faster than ever before. The news is now right on the internet as soon as it happens. People are communicating faster, sharing documents, and more research is done. The trees are being used less and less as everything goes digital. Despite all the pitfall the internet is more good than bad. Teachers should  teach their students how to use the internet in a safe and positive way.

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Tools on the Internet

The internet has seem to amazed me again and again. I have been introduced to new tools to help with test, answer sheets, rubrics, and online bookmarks. These tool are very useful and once I learned the the software is easy to use. For the test maker, I really enjoyed making a test. The site is fix where you can customize your test. I especially like this because you can use different types of questions like True or False, multiple choice, matching and short answer. The program fix the question to fix an any order and without having to change the format of the page. This is a program I would use in the future to create test for my students. To go along with making test you can create the answer sheet as you are making the test. It was really simple to use and have the answer sheet handy. Using the rubric making was so much easier than I thought it would be. I rubric is something that is new to me, we never had rubrics when I was in school. After having to use them myself and creating on, makes me understand a rubric much more. Another tool I learned to use was making online booImagek marks. This site was great to me because it a page you can put all the site that contain to one subject together. This same time from bouncing from site to site. Of all the tools I learned this week the bookmarks my favorite. I can say that all the tools I learned this week are very useful and will be using in future.


Answer sheet


Online bookmark

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